Selected Press

On the Scent: An Interview with Alyssa Harad

Poet and perfume writer Elisa Gabbert and I talk at length about scent, pleasure, feminism, language, pretension and the connection between perfume writing and the liner notes on old jazz LP’s.

Coming to my Senses with Alyssa Harad on Dialogue

While I was in my home in Boise, I talked with Idaho Public Television host Marcia Franklin on her terrific author interview show, Dialogue. We had so much fun she expanded my half hour segment to full hour and put up some extra material on the station’s website (see below).

Alyssa Harad Web Extra on Dialogue

I share some perfumes with Idaho Public Television host Marcia Franklin. She used to be a big China Rain fan back in the day.

Life Stories #11: Alyssa Harad

I talked to book blogger and critic extraordinaire Ron Hogan for his podcast, Life Stories.

Heaven Scent: Perfume Paired Dinner at Woodward’s Garden

I got to do a lot of fun events as the author of Coming to My Senses but this one might top the list. I worked with Chef Dana Tommasino (who is also a beautiful writer) for months to dream up food translations of perfumes by California perfumers. In between courses, guests sniffed the perfumes and we talked about the corresponding notes/flavors.