I’ll Sign Your Book Any Way You Want: A Bookpeople Holiday Special

Antique pen and inkwell

Bookpeople, my extremely cool local bookstore, is doing a typically extremely cool special promotion this week. If you go here you’ll see a list of books by Austin-based authors, including fantastic writers like Elizabeth McCracken, Sarah Bird and Edward Carey who have agreed to do personal inscriptions in any books ordered this week. That means you can tell us how you want us to sign the book. For example, if you order Coming To My Senses you could have me write, “To Aunt Mehitabel, I wish I could write half as well as you can throw a curse. Hope you enjoy this book anyway. xoxo, Alyssa.” Or maybe, “Dear Xanthippe, Everyone knows you are the cool one. Respectfully yours, Alyssa.” Or even, “Dear Dan, I hear you like perfume. You are not alone. Hope you find that bottle of Coq d’Or this year. Smooches, Alyssa.”  I will write anything you tell me to write. ANYTHING.*

You can get directly to Coming to My Senses by clicking here. But I do recommend scrolling through the available books. It’s a terrific list.

The special promotion is running this week only so Bookpeople can make sure people receive their gifts in time for the holidays. (And yes, they ship! INTERNATIONALLY! They’ll even wrap it for you.) However, I am always happy to sign books you order there. Just request it in the special comments section or email the store directly.

*Credit card numbers, smutty filth and general unkindness not guaranteed to be legible. Space is limited.


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