Coming to My Senses Audio Recordings

Brooklyn Botanical Garden Cover Peony


As those of you who follow me on Twitter and Facebook already know, I’ve recorded the first chapter and several short excerpts from Coming to My Senses. You can find them all right here on my Soundcloud page: 


They are free to share, stream and download, and I’ll be putting a couple more up soon.  I hope you enjoy them!

P.S. I am still dizzy from my three days in D.C. and will be back to describe some of that soon. Happy Ph.D’s who left the academy! Scholarly discussions of civet and smelling salts! A fancy performance hall at a beautiful museum filled with women doused in vintage perfume!



  1. I am looking forward to your audio recordings!


  2. Cheryl (Perfumed Letters)

    Alyssa, I can’t remember if I adequately conveyed to you (in D.C.) my love of audiobooks–especially read by the author, and especially if the author has an excellent reading voice (as you do)! This is great news! I’ll be “re-reading” during my commute1


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